Product Portfolio

We are engaged in implementation and exporting of a wide range of Processing Plants. Our range comprises Solvent Extraction Plant, Vegetable Oil Refining Plant, Oil Milling, Cattle Feed Plants, Hydrogenation/Vanaspati Line. These are highly efficient and can be custom built as per the specific requirements of clients. Our plants are suitable for extracting all kinds of oilseeds and for refining all kind of vegetable oils.

The detailed description of our product range is given below:

Main Category

Suitable for

Solvent Extraction Plant

  1. Solvent Extraction of Cotton seeds
  2. Solvent Extraction of Groundnuts/ Peanuts
  3. Solvent Extraction of Sunflower seeds
  4. Solvent Extraction of Canola/Rape seeds
  5. Solvent Extraction of Soya bean seeds
  6. Solvent Extraction of Rice bran
  7. Solvent Extraction of Shea nut
  8. Solvent Extraction of Sal seeds
  9. Solvent Extraction of Palm Kernel
  10. Solvent Extraction of Copra
  11. Solvent Extraction of Castor seeds
  12. Solvent Extraction of Minor oilseeds



Vegetable Oil Refining Plants

  1. Vegetable Oil Refining / Refinery
  2. Batch Refining Line
  3. Continuous Refining Line
  4. Physical Refining
  5. Chemical Refining
  6. Caustic Refining
  7. Bleaching Section
  8. Deodorization Process
  9. Neutralizing Section
  10. Dewaxing Section
  11. Winterization



Oil Milling Plants

  1. Oil Milling
  2. Expelling
  3. Screw Presses
  4. Pre-pressing
  5. Full-pressing
  6. Mechanical Extraction



Feed Plants

  1. Cattle Feed Line
  2. Animal Feed Plant
  3. Poultry Feed Plant



Vanaspati / Hydrogenation Line

  1. Vanaspati / Hydrogenation Line

Food Processing Plant Equipment

  1. Equipments for processing line